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  1. Research article

    Novel olanzapine analogues presenting a reduced H1 receptor affinity and retained 5HT2A/D2 binding affinity ratio

    Olanzapine is an atypical antipsychotic drug with high clinical efficacy, but which can cause severe weight gain and metabolic disorders in treated patients. Blockade of the histamine 1 (H1) receptors is believed...

    Somayeh Jafari, Marc E Bouillon, Xu-Feng Huang, Stephen G Pyne and Francesca Fernandez-Enright

    BMC Pharmacology 2012 12:8

    Published on: 22 June 2012

  2. Research article

    Lipid phosphate phosphatase inhibitors locally amplify lysophosphatidic acid LPA1 receptor signalling in rat brain cryosections without affecting global LPA degradation

    Lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) is a signalling phospholipid with multiple biological functions, mainly mediated through specific G protein-coupled receptors. Aberrant LPA signalling is being increasingly implicat...

    Niina Aaltonen, Marko Lehtonen, Katri Varonen, Gemma Arrufat Goterris and Jarmo T Laitinen

    BMC Pharmacology 2012 12:7

    Published on: 11 June 2012

  3. Research article

    Long-acting κ opioid antagonists nor-BNI, GNTI and JDTic: pharmacokinetics in mice and lipophilicity

    Nor-BNI, GNTI and JDTic induce κ opioid antagonism that is delayed by hours and can persist for months. Other effects are transient. It has been proposed that these drugs may be slowly absorbed or distributed,...

    Thomas A Munro, Loren M Berry, Ashlee Van’t Veer, Cécile Béguin, F Ivy Carroll, Zhiyang Zhao, William A Carlezon Jr and Bruce M Cohen

    BMC Pharmacology 2012 12:5

    Published on: 29 May 2012

  4. Research article

    5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) reduces total peripheral resistance during chronic infusion: direct arterial mesenteric relaxation is not involved

    Serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine; 5-HT) delivered over 1 week results in a sustained fall in blood pressure in the sham and deoxycorticosterone acetate (DOCA)-salt rat. We hypothesized 5-HT lowers blood pressure...

    Robert Patrick Davis, Jill Pattison, Janice M Thompson, Ruslan Tiniakov, Karie E Scrogin and Stephanie W Watts

    BMC Pharmacology 2012 12:4

    Published on: 6 May 2012

  5. Research article

    Contrasting effects of linaclotide and lubiprostone on restitution of epithelial cell barrier properties and cellular homeostasis after exposure to cell stressors

    Linaclotide has been proposed as a treatment for the same gastrointestinal indications for which lubiprostone has been approved, chronic idiopathic constipation and irritable bowel syndrome with constipation. ...

    John Cuppoletti, Anthony T Blikslager, Jayati Chakrabarti, Prashant K Nighot and Danuta H Malinowska

    BMC Pharmacology 2012 12:3

    Published on: 3 May 2012

  6. Research article

    Potency, selectivity and prolonged binding of saxagliptin to DPP4: maintenance of DPP4 inhibition by saxagliptin in vitro and ex vivo when compared to a rapidly-dissociating DPP4 inhibitor

    Dipeptidylpeptidase 4 (DPP4) inhibitors have clinical benefit in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus by increasing levels of glucose-lowering incretin hormones, such as glucagon-like peptide -1 (GLP-1), a p...

    Aiying Wang, Charles Dorso, Lisa Kopcho, Gregory Locke, Robert Langish, Eric Harstad, Petia Shipkova, Jovita Marcinkeviciene, Lawrence Hamann and Mark S Kirby

    BMC Pharmacology 2012 12:2

    Published on: 4 April 2012

  7. Research article

    Polyamidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimer conjugate specifically activates the A3 adenosine receptor to improve post-ischemic/reperfusion function in isolated mouse hearts

    When stimulated by small molecular agonists, the A3 adenosine receptor (AR) mediates cardioprotective effects without inducing detrimental hemodynamic side effects. We have examined pharmacologically the protecti...

    Tina C Wan, Dilip K Tosh, Lili Du, Elizabeth T Gizewski, Kenneth A Jacobson and John A Auchampach

    BMC Pharmacology 2011 11:11

    Published on: 31 October 2011

  8. Erratum

    Erratum to: Improvement of right heart structure and function by BAY41-8543 in pulmonary artery banded mice

    Wiebke Janssen, Yves Schymura, Astrid Wietelmann, Johannes-Peter Stasch, Himal Luitel, Norbert Weissmann, Hossein Ardeschir Ghofrani, Friedrich Grimminger, Thomas Braun, Werner Seeger and Ralph Theo Schermuly

    BMC Pharmacology 2011 11(Suppl 1):P80

    Published on: 14 September 2011

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 11 Supplement 1

    The original article was published in BMC Pharmacology 2011 11:P79

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