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Table 1 Summary of results from the three analyses for the previously-investigated target PPIs

From: An integrative in silico approach for discovering candidates for drug-targetable protein-protein interactions in interactome data

PPI interacting Pfam domain presence of pockets GO
    S i C S i F S i P
AMAP1/cortactin PF00018/PF00018 -/no 8 6 0
B7.1/CD28 not identified yes/yes 1 6 1
BAK/BCL2(BCL-XL) PF00452/PF02180, PF00452/PF00452 yes/yes 187** 19* (10) 396** (372**)
β-catenin/Tcf4 PF00514/PF08347 yes/- 98* 23* 171**
CCR5/Env not identified -/no 60 1 8
CD4/MHC class II PF00047/PF00993, PF00047/PF07654 yes/- 178** 30** 16
CRM1/Rev not identified yes/- 98* 10 115**
EPO/EPOR PF00758/PF09067, PF00758/PF00041 yes/yes 1 6 10
IL1α (IL1β)/IL1R type I PF00340/PF00047 yes/yes 8 11* 35**
IL2/IL2Rα PF00715/PF00084 no/yes 1 6 88*
iNOS/iNOS PF02898/PF02898, PF00258/PF00258, PF00258/PF00175, PF00258/PF00667, PF00667/PF00667, PF00667/PF00258, PF00667/PF00175, PF00175/PF00667, PF00175/PF00258, PF00175/PF00175 yes/yes 90* 122** 104**
LFA1/ICAM1 PF00092/PF03921 yes/yes 123** 15* 8
Myc/Max PF00010/PF00010, PF02344/PF00010 no/no 98* 23* 133**
NGF/p75NTR PF00243/PF00020 yes/no 0 11* 93**
p53/MDM2 PF08563/PF02201 -/yes 362** 36** 233**
  1. In the column of 'interacting Pfam domain', interacting partner domains identified by iPfam are shown. 'Domain a/domain b' in a row of a PPI shown by 'protein A/protein B' indicates that domain a in protein A and domain b in protein B interact with each other. In the column of 'presence of pockets', 'yes' means that one or more pockets were found by at least one of the two programs, 'no' means that no pocket was found, and '-' indicates that pockets were not searched because of lack of nearly identical tertiary structures. Statistical significance of similarity scores (S i C, S i F, and S i P) for GO-term assignment are indicated by '*' (* P < 0.05, ** P < 0.01). In the row of 'BAK/BCL2(BCL-XL)', similarity scores for BAK/BCL-XL are shown in parentheses.