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Table 1 Ingredients of topical formulations containing ibuprofen 5%

From: The effect of formulation vehicles on the in vitro percutaneous permeation of ibuprofen

  Ibutop® gel Ibutop® cream Ibuprofen solution
Active ingredient Ibuprofen 5% Ibuprofen 5% Ibuprofen 5%
Excipients Dimethyl isosorbide Sodium methyl hydroxybenzoate Phosphate buffered saline (pH 7.4)
  2-Propanol Medium chain triglycerides  
  Poloxamer Glycerol-monostearate  
  Medium chain triglycerides Macrogol stearate 1500  
  Lavender oil Macrogol stearate 5000  
  Orange blossom Propylenglycol  
  Purified water Xanthan gum  
   Purified water